The Best Gay Underwear Brands: JOCKBOX's Pick

Theres so many gay underwear brands for men now, due to increasing growth for sexy jockstraps and male enhancement underwear, but which brands are the best? Well, keep reading and we'll let you know.

When we set out to launch JOCKBOX, we had to make a decision on which underwear brands we'd approach and essentially stock. The gay underwear market is a huge one, with so many brands in the UK and internationally we really were spoiled for choice. So, how did we decide which brands we'd choose? We stuck to our favourites. 

We've put together a list of our favourite gay underwear brands (right now) to help you decide which brand is right for you. In no particular order:



sukrew underwear

SUKREW is a British brand based in London. Designed by Kingsley Hamilton, and they have well and truly taken the gay mens underwear market by storm.

The brand is extremely well-known and unrivalled for its signature pouch style, with an elongated space to allow you to breathe, it also doubles up as an enhancer to give you that more fuller look. SUKREW is also top-tier when it comes to fabric choices, with a soft polyamide that clings to the skin and begs to be touched. Sukrew offers a huge range of gay underwear, from jockstraps to briefs, thongs to fetish wear.

See more of SUKREW'S underwear range 

2. Marco Marco

Marco Marco Underwear UK

Designed by Morante, famous for his extravagant catwalk shows featuring transgender models such as Trace Lysette, Gigi Gorgeous and 'Pose' stars Dominique Jackson and Angelica Ross.

Whilst Marco Marco throws sex-appeal and erotica into the mix, they focus on fashionable, fun designs with wild patterns and see-through fabrics.

Marco Marco creates some amazing products, from their Flux Lavender Brief, to their Slick Black Jockstraps. Marco Marco is an American brand based in sunny LA.

Click to see see more of Marco Marco's Underwear 

3. Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is a USA power-house brand with an impressive portfolio of underwear often combined with specially designed technology. Creating some of the hottest underwear for gay men.

Andrew Christian uses various different technologies when designing his products, such as 'Show-It' for a push up look, 'FUKR' for a more naughty look, and 'Trophy Boy' for a bigger pouch (for the big boys).

Sporting an impressive collection of jockstraps, boxers, briefs, thongs, harnesses and much, much more.

See some of the Andrew Christian collection here

4. TOF Paris

tof paris trends of friends paris

TOF Paris (Trends of Friends) was established back in 2015, and has soared to popularity becoming to go-to-brand for fashion/fetish-lovers worldwide. 

The range includes daring mesh fabrics, which have been well-received by our customers - selling out multiple times every month. These styles are truly unique and will ensure you stand-out in any room that you stand-in.

This incredible brand has so many products to offer, check out the TOF Paris collection here. 

5. CODE22

code22 jockbox underwear gay

CODE22 Is an incredible Spanish brand, highlighting the importance of self-confidence and being proud of who you are. 

CODE22's mission was to find the perfect balance between functionality, design and comfort. Every product they create is designed around fit, and it shows.

CODE22 creates its products in a high-quality, premium modal fabric. This is a more breathable type of underwear that keeps you cool and dry for longer.

See CODE22's underwear collection here

6. Garcon Model

garcon model underwear jockbox

Garcon Model is an incredible Canadian underwear brand, created in 2012. Its a super sexy underwear brand aimed at gay men. Garçon Model is a play on a French expression meaning ‘Good Boy’ - however, the brand is also known worldwide as GM, or just Garcon.

Garcon Model underwear is a stylish brand oozing with class and sex appeal.

Check out their incredible jockstraps, briefs and boxers and see the full Garcon collection here

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